Our Team

We have an experienced and stable expansion team comprised of successful CEOs and entrepreneurs that have a passion for scaling profitable system-driven real estate concepts. Our combined resources include market expansion, hotel and multi-family development, property management, and design-build experience.

Our Model

We are pioneering the evolution of multi-family. We foresaw a need for an untraditional housing option as the millennial and next-generation workforce took hold of the market. What makes our concept unique is that we have laid the foundation for expansion through vertical integration. Our in-house project management team is able to customize design models to fit the market. We have flexible design capabilities because of our micro-unit-centered prototypes. We have intellectual property specific to our operations including our leasing model and community-based programming

Our Brand

We have a proven case for co-living. We created a product that accommodates hassle-free, cost-effective living to appeal to the nomadic lifestyle. Co-living is an experience-based concept designed to connect people to enhance their time in our community as well as in the city they have chosen to call home. Our product offers such a unique living experience that influences connection, fosters community, and brings neighbors of all backgrounds together. We are able to provide such a dynamic environment for our tenants through strategic shared spaces as well as hosting programming events that enable socializing and networking. The positive tenant experience in turn contributes to high renewal rates and proven tenant satisfaction.